Friday, March 27, 2009

Wheelies in the O.E.D.

It's difficult to say with any precision, how it really started. Especially since I was late in entering the conversation. Twitter's always like that, though. You're always fashionably late. Which, on second thought, makes your entrance always rather glamorous.

Anyway, I digress.

I was telling you the story of a day in the life of words on Twitter. I don't know much. And maybe what I don't know is not so important. What I do know, is that I woke up to a tweet about Muddy Waters and a trash can metaphor.

Garbage Man - Muddy Waters

And then this conversation took place a million miles away between two birds on a wire somewhere between a library and the London officescape. Fascinated by a conversation about making it a mission to put "wheelies" in the O.E.D.(Oxford English Dictionary) I decided to transcribe it verbatim and turn it into an animated film about two cute bears talking in a painted Japanese landscape. The transformation of human-to bird-to bear follows no logic. Nor, for that matter, does the trash can-to "wheelies"-to mission-worthy-word. And yet the words that speak here are truly a work of art. Let me present to you: the Best Ever Repartee on Twitter. Watch it and weep!

UPDATE: Scene Two: Same Bear. New Dame. Shaving Penguins. ( I mean... words). A staticky remake of Double Indemnity.

Twoir: Shaving 28.

(Here's the French title 'cause the Frenchies wouldn't understand the British version: Never Trust a Dame: A Twitter Noir)

UPDATE 2: Scene Three: Little bear has a Suitor Case.

Twitmatch: The Suitorcase.

Featured characters: Little Bear, Dame lo-fi, Dame sladner