Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gleanings from the Baha'i Conference in London January 2009

I am watching the London Conference tweets on Twitter. The tweets are coming out of the historic Baha'i Conference held in London this weekend, January 2-4 2009.

My family and many of my long time friends are there. I thought I'd share what I'm glimpsing from that conference with you on the Twitter fountain.

As the day unfolds, some of the audience members are posting pictures on TwitPic. Here are some by Barney Leith

Cllr Uransaikhan Baatar on TwitPic

Cllr Stephen Birkland on TwitPic

Here are photos from Day 1 and Day 2 talks and workshops by Bibhas Chandra Neogi:

Late night writing: Barney Leith reflects on the conference's first day:

In the morning he tweets that he is too sick to attend the conference. Thus begins Day 2.

Photos from Day 2 of the conference by Rosalie Williams:

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Norwegian and Finnish Baha'is performing on stage.

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A little girl singing a prayer.

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Conference workshop.

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Meeting of the Greater London Cluster.

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Closing remarks by member of the British National Assembly

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Conference close.

Rosalie has more photos from the conference on her blog:

That's it folks. The conference attendees are packing their bags and heading home. 13 IPGs promised in response to the House's request for 6 to be formed this year.

Sadly, Barney Leith got sick for Day 2 and won't be posting an update on the day. I feel like I got a taste of what so many of my friends and family experienced this weekend. Thanks Barney, Bibhas, Rosalie and Afshin for your tweets, FB photos and Twitpics!